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  1. So what good is this forum if they can't even let us know when the game server is off
  2. New Possibilities
  3. Need more games
  4. Initiatives
  5. Can you explain this and is this the way it is suppose to happen?
  6. Maps
  7. Gunstar Punishment
  8. Something About the Pirate Game
  9. "No Planets In FedSpace!"
  10. Evasion
  11. Colonist Reproduction
  12. Quasar Cannon / Combat Computer / Mines activation
  13. Experience / Alignment
  14. Unload your ships fighters before logging out
  15. Planetary Transwarp
  16. Upgrading planets
  17. What planets do you typically use?
  18. Home Sector
  19. Event Starting Schedule
  20. Bounty Office
  21. Mine Tracking
  22. Geared Up, is Geared Not
  23. Combat ratio
  24. Diffent NPC
  25. "Big business" - How To Operate A corps
  26. Game Delay's/Freezing
  27. combat song
  28. Observations from an observer...
  29. Attacking in Fed Space
  30. Colonists in Buildings - I forgot my calculator in my other pocket protector...
  31. Mines need to be scaled into a price range for one week:
  32. Gaining in game experience
  33. Pirate Games are pointless?
  34. Corporate Scoring?
  35. Major Problem - Can't join games after leveling
  36. Port Miscalculations
  37. Spacing Colonists... Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha
  38. Order of Combat Operations?
  39. Something Wrong
  40. Ideas to bring on New Players, I think I have a good one!
  41. docs for buildings ... Did I do something wrong?
  42. Fundamental Game Flaw
  43. How many fighters are need to take your planet?
  44. Planet Invasion Simulator Version 2
  45. Oleman You hit your limit
  46. HONOR, “Machinations”: Alliance vs. StarRun
  47. End Game Results for the Machinations Event
  48. Make WAR NOT WAVES: How to configure a profitable war game in TWR
  49. Outpost question
  50. <Player> has been mercilessly slaughtered by god
  51. Cherry the Lost Noob Thread
  52. New event type.
  53. Where's the beef (Scorp)
  54. Level 12 question
  55. noobs: attracting, training, retaining
  56. Red/Blue Balance
  57. Build at Rylos/AC... is that a bad idea?
  58. You can get killed by a Jinbadi in FedSpace?
  59. Tired of 3rd place in the Events?
  60. Tired of Losing?
  61. Killing Jinbadi Battle Cruiser?
  62. How do you take down a Jinbadi Scorpian?
  63. Evade ISS vs IC - is this right?
  64. Class 0 ports in same cluster as Terra and SD
  65. Lost in space
  66. Negative alignment, What is it good for?
  67. How fast do colorings refill?
  68. Map for "Close Combat"
  69. Free Map for "Close Combat"
  70. If I have a ship floating in space in my home sector can my planets be attacked first
  71. What does it mean when a developed planet doesn't have an owner listed?
  72. Towing
  73. Cloaked Ships
  74. One game unlock
  75. Well this is a major ribbing mono e mono ribbing Krall, wayouts vs StarRun
  76. Forsaken King left no gold on lvl5, here is a picture for dj88
  77. Rebs Im making sure all u worlds are melting from the red switch
  78. Traders and Smugglers
  79. Planet Warping Turns
  80. Working Corp Members' Planets
  81. Intentional game mechanics or unintended glitches?
  82. Score Cap Still Needs Work
  83. what is with the bugs?
  84. Game Create Modification
  85. Cant see scores
  86. Possible change in game status
  87. Nullification Protocol
  88. Transwarp? It seems much different
  89. Quasar Cannons and Planet Position
  90. Premium membership
  91. What happen to FTL game?
  92. Scorpion generation
  93. Phats' Event Picks
  94. Pirate Game?
  95. 500 Internal Server Error
  96. Premium for paid customers
  97. Ships floating out of FED
  98. Game Idea (Red Team vs Blue Team)
  99. Flashplayer Downloads
  100. END GAME STATUS Report.
  101. Tutorial... is it broken?
  102. Length of games
  103. BetaEvent Game Anomalies, Bugs or Issues which need addressing:
  104. Hello! Ranked vs Unranked?