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  1. Video Games Save Lives!
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  3. "7 Life Lessons From Star Trek"
  4. Dear Santy
  5. "Unidentified Freight Object "
  6. For this new year
  7. Vader's Theme Song
  8. Valentines Day; & OleMan Wisdom on Womens' language
  9. Stressed TOO much?
  10. I posted this on Chess.com
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  14. Working on CG game. Can you identify this?
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  16. While I was gone; I ciphered the Voynich Manusript
  17. Voynich Manuscript: The Code Unchopped
  18. Big Blown up picture of Kralls Battleship well sector getting wipe off the nav
  19. The Universe and why Grand Unification will never be found:
  20. Economacy a New Government
  21. Equation TWR: For distances between worlds!
  22. Guiding Hurricane Sandy to the target: Weather Wars used at Arecibo
  23. Sandy Hook beach New Jersey, About What really happened Video
  24. Size of Lone Rangers Universe:
  25. 11-11-11 Possible Terrorist Attack on thie day in Numerolgy it's a 6
  26. Grand Unification Axiom: G t ∝ mc²/e
  27. The American Flag and it's meaning
  28. Haarps's Earthquake Parameters that target two Magnetic Field Force lines.
  29. Voynich Manuscript Folio 68v Lucifer and Holygost battle it out in Heaven
  30. Love has many Expressions
  31. Never Forget
  32. Merry Christ Mass
  33. Union War Strategy
  34. Gravity Probe B Shielding defective!
  35. Made in China, BillaBong Hoodie: Hidden Message
  36. The Entitlements of the Rich 2%
  37. For Satan and his Demons & Evil Followers
  38. Do you think some humans are being targeted for mind control or mind reading
  39. Request from Cubified
  40. Lets get the Queen of the Borg
  41. Holy Ghost Poetry on sale at Create Space; soon to be on Amazon!
  42. Cattle Drive 2013 Style Movie
  43. Obama the False Prophet
  44. Shipping F-16's to Egypt would Start WWIII
  45. Chris Kyle American Hero Murdered
  46. The Rabbit Role became deeper! Nibiru
  47. Presidential Address
  48. News FLASH- - - Coal Mines in China = War Machine
  49. White Fang Reading Movie
  50. Liberty & the 1st and 2nd Amendment for which TWR neglected me my 1st. Warp Factor 4
  51. To all at TWR I have been very much depressed
  52. In Memory of...
  53. Ender's Game Movie!
  54. The Search for Earth
  55. StockRUs Commodities Game Large Universe 1.6 mil start Credit Plenty of Ports & 0's
  56. Voynich Manuscript, "The Code Unchopped Volume II"
  57. Well the nice took over and you can veiw The Code Unchopped free Pdf wordpress site
  58. Voynich Manuscrit Break Through Pleiades Constellation Folio 68r
  59. The Moment in Time
  60. Ambien - Are you taking too much?
  61. The West on edge
  62. Merry Christmas!
  63. Jade Helm, End of America
  64. Galactic Year Extinction Level Alert Jade Helm Connection
  65. Voynich Manuscript turns out to be a Latin transalation in anagram form
  66. Truth
  67. Wormwood due to enter perihelion in our Solar System
  68. Astrology over Washington DC as Wormwood enters the Solar System
  69. Astrology over Washington DC as Wormwood enters the Solar System
  70. World War III June 6th 2017 on a Tuesday
  71. I stalemated Fritz 12 chessbase
  72. ***Red Alert China & Largest Corp. Tungsten in Gold***
  73. Exports are in decline along with increased Asian imports this spells disaster!
  74. FEMA CAMPS soon and Agenda 21 and Al Gore is a wanna be scientist, but 2 faced
  75. New World Order UN driven design: The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169
  76. I found Wormwood on World Wide Telescope
  77. ISIS is a threat; China is a Defcon 2 threat
  78. Voynich Manuscript forged by Wilfrid? What do you think?
  79. Voynich Manuscript Welsh Language
  80. I know but this is it a Translation Voynich Gematria f2v, f68r3, f67r2. DRUIDS
  81. Pleiadian Mystery pdf found source expired 2029
  82. Podcast interview Middle English Voynich Manuscript Tom O'Neil
  83. Which letter came from the Canterbury Tales 1 or 2?
  84. Official Voynich uses a Alberti Cipher to mask Latin text
  85. Donald Trump has the emotional level of a 3 year old brat! Leaks classified intel
  86. America can wipe out North Korea in an 1 hour!
  87. Middle East & North Korea:
  88. Where did all the old timers go?
  89. Asteroid Apophis chance of hitting earth big possibility--2036--
  90. The Ostrich and The Egg
  91. My New Book: The Grand Algorithm, A Mersenne Determinate
  92. Mankind Dilemma Power is a corrupting force intrinsically associated with greed
  93. Mankind Dilemma Power is a corrupting force intrinsically associated with greed
  94. Voynich Manuscript Ros 2 spiral text from Castle decrypted
  95. Voynich to Russian Scytal to English Cipher
  96. The Draco Reptilian Agenda & Vertical Slit Eyes
  97. Bucegi