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  1. New Portal
  2. New Tradewars Rising interface
  3. Update Part 1: Installed
  4. Interface Update Score & Play
  5. Interface and Score update
  6. Scoring fixed, updated and when are the current games ending?
  7. Update and fixes Interface/Server
  8. Avatar Link Fixed
  9. No more daily downtime
  10. Server Damanged
  11. Winning conditions upcoming today
  12. Server RAM replacement
  13. Game end delay due to bug
  14. Games ended - All of them - read on
  15. Infinite Sectors Event finally ends - winners and losers :)
  16. Entry levels into games
  17. New games and Premium/Trial time extended
  18. Ships section in Manual updated
  19. Removed Death point penalty for Pirate games
  20. Scoreboards and game score update
  21. Server and Interface Fixes
  22. Upcoming Event game plus manual and in-game text fixes
  23. NEW Event: Anomalies - a Hi Classic game.
  24. Shop is up, online and operational
  25. Final web site update (phase 2)
  26. Fixes and cool mod to stealing
  27. Avoiding exploits and punishment
  28. Changes to the MoneyRun victory condition
  29. New Event "Casino Royale" coming to you Dec 1st - a 75x75 MoneyRun game !
  30. Special Event coming up Jan 2nd 2011
  31. Classic Test event on test server - start Jan 2nd, 8pm EST
  32. New Ranked games series up and about
  33. Classic Test event - Rules and purpose
  34. Better early stealing, less experience late game
  35. New Pirate game up. Small galaxy.
  36. Game and engine update coming out soon
  37. Chat Update & google search
  38. NPC Spawn on the move
  39. New Ranked games started today, and upcoming Event game!
  40. Test Server Down for DB Update
  41. Friday 27th HUGE update
  42. Update in place
  43. New game Event soon, or what? ... :P
  44. Release Patch Level 1
  45. TransWarp Fix
  46. New TWR game Event - Corp up for Big Business
  47. Friday Update. Yeah for the week-end
  48. Fixes for the day
  49. Fever high mid range so small fixes only today
  50. GUI Fixes, score & planet production
  51. Gui Popup Update and Fixes
  52. Combat Fix and Social Buttons
  53. Combat Attack Ratio Fixes
  54. Multiple window chat
  55. Fixed buying ships for non-premium
  56. New level-restricted Ranked games up
  57. Game Update Downtime WED, March 7th
  58. Bringing more players into Tradewars Rising = more fun!
  59. Tiered Ranked games up for challenge
  60. Next Game Request
  61. Ship switch for buff fixed
  62. Advance Game Create
  63. Assorted Fixes
  64. Grand Twitter Event - HiClassic. Its ON!
  65. Unranked Commodities game set up - looking at winning conditions modification
  66. Activity report in the Twitter Event
  67. Premium time handout - belated - Test Event game
  68. New Ranked game series: Classic, Colonization and Commodities
  69. Team chat fix
  70. Displaying account status and time left in profile
  71. Scoreboard fixes
  72. New Classic games as requested
  73. Latest game fixes - say thank you Joronas ! :)
  74. Progress in the Grand Twitter game - some more Tweet results
  75. Recommended planetary settings
  76. Minor scoreboard fix
  77. New Ranked game series: Classic Free for All and a Team& Ally Pirate game
  78. New ranked game series: Large Commodies (lvl 1-6) and Medium Colonization (lvl 3-14)
  79. A few words on the Grand Twitter Event... from the players....
  80. New Open Ranked games - everyone can pile in!!!
  81. Oleman is our mascot, so we got him a notebook computer
  82. Sign up now!
  83. Join the next Event game called "Machinations" now - game start May 13th 8pm EST
  84. Machination game start pushed to Monday 14th, 8pm to avoid Mother's Day
  85. Grand Twitter game End - results
  86. Sylien Games at Comicon Ottawa
  87. Mines change update
  88. New Classic games in Large universe popped up
  89. Quick fix on long distance deaths - odd bug
  90. New Open Ranked game - Andromeda
  91. New Ranked games to consider
  92. EVENT game "Stash It" ready for joining - Pirate games changed
  93. Fixes on Interface, Tutorial, App, New players
  94. Tradewars Rising on Kongregate
  95. 2 New Colonization games Ranked up and good to go!
  96. Server Crash
  97. New games to play: Hashigo and Agent Orange
  98. More new games for beginner and veteran space captains - Yarrr
  99. Test Circuit!!! Veterans and new players mix it up and learn in a safe environment
  100. New Ranked games for all levels
  101. New TWR Event "Waveforms" up and ready for Joining phase
  102. Unranked "Beancounters" challenge and mixer
  103. Classic games for all tastes and levels.
  104. Interdictor Cruisers are a bit more manoeuvrable
  105. Killing Corpmates for the XP/ALG needed to get an ISS
  106. New Games just created for your enjoyment
  107. Longest game ever seen in Tradewars Rising... so far!
  108. Uphrates Pass ranked game and Arena games
  109. Old Empires unranked game
  110. New upcoming Event: Quick Buck (MoneyRun)
  111. New Ranked games
  112. Running with it in an Unranked game
  113. New Ranked games for all players (Classic and Pirate)
  114. New moderators: Vader and Rambler
  115. New Unranked Classic - Training Day
  116. Quick Buck Moneyrun event finished!
  117. Join the new Event: "Lone Rangers"
  118. Emptiness, a new Unranked Colonization game (teams and allies)
  119. New Ranked games: Cleanup and Space Toundra
  120. More Ranked games just created
  121. Avoiding muling accusations
  122. Betelgeuse and Crime Syndicates ranked games starting
  123. New holiday game "HoHo Horrible" starting in a few minutes
  124. New Event: Yuletide Trades getting started - Jan 4th 2013, 8PM
  125. New Ranked games up: Right of Passage and Low Fuel
  126. Created a new Unranked game for you all: Colonizing Ice
  127. New Ranked games up: Call of Volkor and Twisted Fates
  128. Fun with Allies: Hyperion
  129. New Ranked games up: Red Mars and Prometheus
  130. Small Database fix
  131. New buzz about Kickstarter
  132. New TWR unranked game event started : Vandals
  133. new Ranked games up: Ruffian Pass and Helios Empyrium
  134. New Event coming up: Nullification Protocols
  135. More discussions to help setup the Kickstarter for TWR
  136. Draft kickstarter page
  137. New Ranked games: Changing Tides and Colo Revenge
  138. New game Explosions up and ready
  139. TWR Kickstarter project is now live...
  140. New Ranked games up: Geared Flight and Bankers
  141. Important discussion for all TWR players to consider
  142. New ranked games up: Kruger Paradigm and Station 9
  143. Yeeeehaw! Yankee Trader game for all (unranked)
  144. Kickstarter news - we'll do a restart of the Kickstarter in May / June
  145. Nullification Protocols has NOT ended - my bad - free Prem time for some
  146. FTL Travellers game has just started
  147. Ok NOW its over - Nullification Protocols
  148. End of game situations - a Nullification Protocol comment
  149. New games and Events soon - vacation time
  150. New Ranked games up: Sirius Fights and Star Ocean
  151. Event coming up: Farming Colonies
  152. Krallster our newest moderator - welcome
  153. New Ranked games up: Classic and Slow Cargo
  154. New Ranked games up: Andromeda and Humble Beginning
  155. Kickstarter retry this week
  156. On our way to get Development going for Tradewars Rising
  157. Farming Colonies Event ended - Results and contratz!
  158. New Game up this weekend to enjoy! Altairian Showdown
  159. New Game bang by popular demand: Wilderness
  160. New Event ready: Lost Colonies - SPECIAL
  161. Kickstarter unfunded today
  162. New Ranked games up: Beginnings and Lehmund Hiding
  163. New game bang: Q Paradigm Classic, Free for all
  164. Development update on Tradewars Rising (yeah, you heard right)
  165. New Ranked games up: Far Realm and 273 Below C , ready to be played
  166. New Unranked game ready: Solaris
  167. New Ranked games up: Slipstreams and Transformations
  168. Upcoming Event game - Mercenaries - Starting on August 23rd 2013
  169. Site up again
  170. New Unranked game ready: Skywookie
  171. New ranked games up: Vengeance and Status Report
  172. Corp Wars - Landgrab, TWR style (Colonization game)
  173. New Ranked games up: Galactic Empires and Hidden
  174. Join the new Event called Alpha Centauri
  175. New Ranked games up: Borderlands and MegaCorp
  176. In-Game chat errors
  177. Betelgeuse Unranked game: Colonization game start
  178. in-game chat fixed
  179. Game down - Error
  180. Downtime maintenance and options
  181. We're back up and operational - New Games
  182. New Event: Marshes of Vin Hi Classic game
  183. New Poll and discussion around the future of TWR in TWR game development section
  184. Vadis Game Opening Project Explained
  185. New Ranked game up: Jigsaw. Colonization with allies and teams
  186. Premium time handed out to all
  187. New Unranked game for all - Free for All MoneyRun
  188. Small strange bugs appearing for young accounts
  189. New Ranked games have started: Hitchguide and Yorkshire
  190. Created new Unranked Colonization game called Adaptations
  191. New Ranked games up: Desolation and Umbra Market -- Enjoy!
  192. Merry XMas everyone! and yes, new game up
  193. New Pirate ranked game: been along time but let the Buccaneer out!
  194. Trying something new
  195. New Ranked games started: Justice Cap and Grudges
  196. Commodities Event: Indiana Luke in "find the lost colonies".
  197. New Game: Unranked Pirate game called Junkies Up!
  198. Temporary Maintenance
  199. New Games: Ranked. Proxima Centauri and Independents
  200. Some Victory condition changes
  201. New Ranked games started: Junk Traders and Bias
  202. Scoring and Steal changes
  203. Brand new Event: Alpha Juncture HiClassic event
  204. Gap changed to match scoring changes - + about the steal
  205. Discussion about the current Event: Alpha Juncture
  206. new Unranked game: Red Giant - Classic Free for all
  207. New Ranked games: Hurricanes and Black Holes
  208. Forum issue solved
  209. Wonderlust game just created - Unranked Colonizations, Allies and Corps allowed
  210. Vacation time!
  211. New Ranked games up: Supernova and Selfish Krowns
  212. Some changes to the game - nothing drastic
  213. Event : Meltdown - Starting Thursday May 8th 8pm EDT
  214. New Ranked games up: Green Pulsar and Binary Star
  215. Combat bugs and what's an exploit
  216. Jupiter Station: New unranked game, Classic game with Allies allowed only
  217. Forum avatars not showing
  218. Isolation Ranked game up
  219. new Unranked game called Blunderbuss
  220. New EVENT grearing up to start June 26th 8pm EDT
  221. New Ranked games up: New Manhattan and Regus Beta
  222. Created new Unranked game: Deimos Moon: MoneyRun with Teams & Allies
  223. When exploiters come to grieve the game
  224. new Ranked Games up: Unmistaken and Radioation High
  225. Game going Open Source - soon
  226. new Ranked games up:
  227. New EVENT planned to start Thursday Aug 21st 8pm EDT
  228. New Unranked game: Boglodites - Pirate Team game
  229. New Ranked Game: Cash for Swine.
  230. Is the game down???
  231. Newly created unranked game: Destiny's Door lvl 0-10
  232. Possible service interruption or wierdness today - Sunday Sept 21st
  233. 2 new ranked games Solo Vaguero, and Nuevo Caballero
  234. Sombrero Galaxy Event
  235. Latest ranked games reset
  236. New Event: Tiny Dancer
  237. New Ranked game started, Urban Chaos
  238. Service Disruption
  239. Crisis Averted, All is now right in the TWR world again. All Hail Gimper!
  240. Scores not updating
  241. Beta Testing available
  242. Some changes/ improvements that may not be immediately noticeable
  243. 2 new games MegaTrade and MiniCommod
  244. New Event, ZeroFriends Starting 8pm eastern Feb 20th
  245. Survey Request! Must haves for mobile version of game.
  246. 2 new games starting tomorrow at 8pm EST
  247. New Event coming soon. Any thoughts
  248. Event: Vast Expanse set to begin next Friday, unranked starting the 1st
  249. Ranked game coming online later tonight!
  250. New event coming in 1 week. Partner up!