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  1. Thread: Bucegi

    by Holyghost


    The Bucegi Agenda 卐

    1) Take over the earth with the aliens and eliminate humans!

    2) Use mind control from 5g masts, by the hand of chicken shit...
  2. Poll: The Draco Reptilian Agenda & Vertical Slit Eyes

    :mad:The problem with today:

    The Draco Reptilian Agenda & Vertical Slit Eyes: If you ever wanted to know the difference between a Reptilian and a Human its in the eyes. The humans have round...
  3. Voynich to Russian Scytal to English Cipher

    One more go and this is not a One Way cipher in which JKP kept insisting to me that I cannot produce a...
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    Well look my prophecy stands correct now Rowdy in...

    Well look my prophecy stands correct now Rowdy in 2020!
  5. Voynich Manuscript Ros 2 spiral text from Castle decrypted

    Ros 2 spiral of vords next to Castle decrypted

    I have attempted to decode this with so many other systems and now finally a quality translation of Ros2...
  6. Mankind Dilemma Power is a corrupting force intrinsically associated with greed
  7. Mankind Dilemma Power is a corrupting force intrinsically associated with greed
  8. Rescue operation regarding Daniel on the Ice Planet

    Sequel III for

    Rescue operation regarding Daniel on the Ice Planet

    HG asked D, so when are we leaving this old hunter cabin to rescue Daniel from the Ice Planet? D replied,...
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    Mission Alpha Epsilon 20 megabytes credit:

    Sequel to!

    Mission Alpha Epsilon 20 megabytes credit:

    HG knew that this was a serious cipher after viewing all those letters. He wondered about Daniel when suddenly he heard...
  10. My New Book: The Grand Algorithm, A Mersenne Determinate

    Hi I just completed my book and I'm allowing the public to read it while its online.

    Dear readers,
    This algorithm which I apply call The Grand Algorithm has been a life long pursuit of mine...
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    The Ostrich and The Egg

    This is a full color book about the adventures of Oley the Ostrich, intended for children 3 through ages 7. Oley deals with his home the egg shell and a peephole with some exciting encounters. Oley...
  12. Thread: Tw2002

    by Holyghost

    When your low on turns here is a great Trade Wars 2002 place link below
  13. Real time video about how to kill the Scorpion

    Watch the Scorpion die for those who have not seen it or don't know how to destroy it.
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    The Deadly Merchant with A Cipher

    The Deadly Merchant with a Cipher

    This man was tall, lean and mean; he had a swagger about him with shiny teeth. The side arm seemed to fit him well as thou it had been used just as much as his...
  15. Asteroid Apophis chance of hitting earth big possibility--2036--

    Alberto Cellino of the Observatory of Turin in Italy, told Astrowatch: “We can rule out a collision at the next closest approach with the Earth, but then the orbit will change in a way that is not...
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    Where did all the old timers go?

    I guess the cost of living has cut into leisure larry time. Me I'm retired and mentally ill. In fact I just survived another manic episode and I thought every person I bumped into was a demon...
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    Leave the planets alone...

    Leave the planets alone...
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    Middle East & North Korea:

    Middle East & North Korea:

    Middle East & North Korea:

    Kim Jong does not listen to his Generals and advice. He is hot tempered with negative emotions that can threaten Global Security if bad...
  19. America can wipe out North Korea in an 1 hour!

    Listen friends,

    I am completely exhausted with Kim Jong-un! My presidential Mantel would clearly annihilate Kim Jong and yes I would work it out with the Admirals and Generals. I would do North...
  20. Donald Trump has the emotional level of a 3 year old brat! Leaks classified intel

    The Trump Issue:

    Would you ever believe that someone who is President of the U.S. cannot spell and tweets his business all over the net; because he has fits like a baby. President Trump's...
  21. Official Voynich uses a Alberti Cipher to mask Latin text

    First off, here is the site that got me started on the cipher. I admit I have a long ways to go but, I think the VMS corpus was built on a cipher text of words using alberti!
  22. Which letter came from the Canterbury Tales 1 or 2?
  23. Podcast interview Middle English Voynich Manuscript Tom O'Neil

    24:15 minutes into the show Voynich Cipher stellar aka Holyghost or tom

    1:50:38 into the show Nibiru, Apophis and Voynich

    I was interviewed on the, my interview begins at 24:15...
  24. Pleiadian Mystery pdf found source expired 2029

    I found this on the net. I need help identifying what this text is. Any takers? More text in 1 page pdf.
  25. I know but this is it a Translation Voynich Gematria f2v, f68r3, f67r2. DRUIDS

    Another day dawns in the bussing villages of San Diego, I find myself drawing the drapes after an all-nighter; more hours pass by during the day on a Voynich quest to find meaning missing another...
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