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    Player Profile

    The Player Profile is accessed by pressing your name at the top left of the page. Your profile shows the details of your progress through levels, your Score, the games you are currently playing, and your Awards.

    Player experience, levels and perks

    While your player Score defines your quality as a strategist compared to other players, experience is simply a measure of a player's veteranship in the game. Experience, unlike Score changes can only increase at game end. The amount of experience acquired at the end of games is unrelated to the quality of players that played with you. It is however mainly determined by your position at game end. Also, the more players are in a game, the more Experience is handed out.

    At Experience point levels, Levels are bestowed. These Levels are used to separate out more experienced players from games composed of beginner players and veterans from less experienced players and so on. Also, as players gain levels, they do gain some extra Perks that can help you perform a bit better in games:

    Level Experience Perk
    1 0 None
    2 25 +10% Initial Credits
    3 50 Tholian Sentinel unlocked
    4 100 +10% Initial Turns
    5 150 +50% Initial Colotickets
    6 250 Merchant Freighter unlocked
    7 350 +1% Combat ratio
    8 500 +1% Extra Turns per day
    9+ 650 None for now. To be determined

    Games section

    Here you will see the games you have already joined. This is your quick way to get back into the game (blue arrow), or giving up (red X). Be aware that giving up the game will automatically rate you at the bottom of the ranking page for that game and you cannot rejoin the game afterwards.


    Shown here are all your medals and achievements and some extra details relative about them.
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