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    Profile Experience, Levels and Perks

    At the end of every game, players are handed Experience points that persist on their player profile, which is beyond the games played. Cumulating this "Profile Experience" means you are slowly becoming a veteran. As you gain such experience you gain levels, and the extra in-game perks associated with the level.

    Profile Experience and Levels are cumulated in Ranked as well as Unranked games and it has no effect on your Profile Score which is a true comparative measure of skill between players (and how the player scoreboard is ranked). Hence a player with a Score of 4000 could be only Level 8, meaning he got very good very fast in few games, while another may be more casual and have a Score of 2000 but a maxed out Level of 14, giving him more Perks than the super hard Level 8 with the high Score... but he's been around more so he deserves the extra stuff.

    Perks from Level 2 and up are only active for players with Premium Accounts (game unlocks are not sufficient to activate your perks).

    Here is a table describing what perks you get (at each level). The Perks stack:

    Level Experience Perk
    1 0 None
    2 25 +10% initial Credits
    3 50 Tholian Sentinel ship purchase access
    4 100 +10% initial Turns
    5 150 +50% initial Colotickets
    6 250 Merchant Freighter ship purchase access
    7 350 +1% ship combat ratio
    8 500 +1% extra Turns per day
    9 650 +20% initial Credits
    10 850 +20% initial Turns
    11 1050 +100% extra Colotickets
    12 1300 +2% ship combat ratio
    13 1550 +2% extra Turns per day
    14 1850 the prestigious TWR Addict Medal
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