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    Players must explore the galaxy in order to start an empire and stake their claim. In TradeWars:Rising, there are several means of travel.

    The NavMap

    This method, as the name implies, is the quickest way to move around in the universe. The NavMap is the tool located at the bottom right of the GUI with six colored arrows. Imagine the center, where you have a MiniMap as being your current system/location. All six center arrow buttons represent a path to adjacent sectors of space. If the arrow button is green, it means that there is a link to the next sector in that direction. In the MiniMap, you will see a little line in the same direction showing you a path is available. If the button is grey, there is no way to go in that direction from the current sector and the MiniMap will not show any lines over there. Instead of clicking on the directional buttons, you can press the appropriate keyboard letter instead. A ship with a scanner upgrade will also be able to "see" into the next sector by looking at the scanner display right to the left of the NavMap area, showing roughly what the Captain may encounter there, but with no details.

    The scanner area will display icons for Planets, Stations and Ships. If there are no icons for a particular type (Planet, Station or Ship), it means there are none in the adjacent sector in that direction. If there are some, you will get an indication of numbers. In the case of Ships, you will be able to see how many ships are there, either in space or Docked/Landed.

    Another note on the MiniMap. If the next sector is blank, it means that you have never visited the sector, otherwise it will be blue or green (the sector you are sitting in currently).

    Location List

    On the right of the NavMap, there is a vertical column of destinations (some preset), called the Location List. This is a quick tool that allows you to set Destinations and travel the shortest distance towards that destination. Normally, StarDock and Terra are set as destination as default. Selecting a Destination activates the NavMap, which displays a blue number to its left and normally also a direction arrow. The number represents the number of hops required to reach the selected Destination and the arrow guides you through the shortest path. If a number is present and there are no blue arrows, it means that you will have to go through a wormhole to continue on your way (see the large swirl in space).


    Once a Destination is set and the NavMap activated with blue icons, you may simply press the Autopilot button on the right side of the NavMap to automatically travel to destination.

    Destination input

    Just left of the NavMap, you will find a small form in which you can enter your destination. For example, if you learned that your friend's base is located in Cluster 4, Sector 29, enter 4-29 in the field and GO. The computer will calculate the shortest path to destination and you can use the Autopilot to get there, or follow the blue arrows manually using the mouse or keyboard.

    Cluster Map

    Presently, the Cluster Map is a larger, more detailed representation of the MiniMap mentioned above. It shows only the sectors you have visited or scanned. Within each sector marker are small icons which represent starports, planets, outposts, and other items present in that sector.

    You can use the Cluster Map to see any part of the universe you have explored previously by using the bottom right hex map button. Using a drop-down to select a Cluster number will bring up that Cluster. Using the Arrow keys will move the map in the different directions if the visible Cluster is too large.

    This Map can also be used to navigate. Selecting a Sector will automatically display its contents, sector number and you will be able to Set Destination and even Set the sector as a Location List destination using the dropdown to find the icon you prefer. Once the destination is set, you can use the Autopilot or manual control to get where you need to go.

    The Cluster Map is a great tool to find Starports selling or buying what you are looking for, and to find strategically good locations for a new colony or a new trap. Be advised however that if a Starports has NEVER been visited, noone knows what its buying or selling. Once a trader does a trade, rumors of the Starport's inventory float around and so the information becomes available to all traders. Also be aware that the information in the sectors totally depend on what you saw there last time you visited and thus many things may have changed since then.....

    InterCluster Warps

    The galaxies of TradeWars: Rising are divided into clusters each containing pre-generated sectors and solar systems. Connecting these clusters are the InterCluster warps, special wormholes that allow travel between the groupings of space. These links are indicated in yellow on both the Cluster Map and on the MiniMap. To travel to another cluster, click on the wormhole displayed at the bottom-left corner of the sector visualization panel and you will be instantly transported.

    Be advised that movement through an InterCluster Warp (or wormhole) costs 2 turns more than the normal warp within a Cluster.
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