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Thread: -- Towing and Switching Ships

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    -- Towing and Switching Ships

    Towing and Switching Ships

    The Towing and Switching Ships orders appear when you select one of your extra ships that are in the sector with you. You can Tow an unlimited amount of Ships at any one time.


    The ship in Tow will always follow you around, move with you until you release it. Movement costs in Turns equals the addition of your ship's and the Towed Ship(s). i.e.: if you are in a Merchant Cruiser, Towing 2 Colonialists and a Scout Marauder, your cost for each move is 3 + 2*6 + 2 = 17 Turns per Warp.

    You can select any of your ships in space to tow them, or select those that are with you in Dock or Landed as well.

    The Towing command can also be given by toggling the towing icon within the Asset List screen when in the same location and Towing can be achieved (if the ship is Docked, you must be docked as well).

    Any towed ships will NOT be destroyed if you use an Atomic Detonator on a planet. But still, be careful.

    Switch Ship

    To Switch to another ship, you must be Docked at StarDock or Landed on one of your planets where you left some unmanned extra ships. To access these to switch to, simply select your Asset list from the Information button (datagraph), then Assets from the popup console and you will see a list of your ships. Those that you can switch to will have an active Switch icon on the same line. Select the one you want and the Switch button will be available to you (as well as the Follow Me or Stop Following button if you are Towing them and want to leave them or start towing some).

    Alternatively, if you are docked or landed, your other ships will appear as small icons above the console scanner. You can click on them and you will automatically switch to them.

    Be aware that some ships have Use Requirements, like the Imperial StarShip and the Corporation StarShip (see descriptions in Manual and Use requirements in StarDock Mall). You can purchase them, but if you don't or no longer have the Requirements, you will not be able to Switch to the ship. You can Tow these and Land/Dock them that way however.
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