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Thread: The ether probe and holoscanner, unite!

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    The ether probe and holoscanner, unite!

    I've heard many complaints from new, former and current members for the lack of holo scanning and ether probes...which were commonly used in the classic tw2002 games.

    I thought combining the two items into a single TWR device might help bring some of the players back not to mention adding a new item into the ships arsenal.

    We already have the density scanner which is great...but sometimes you want a little extra info before deciding whether or not to use those turns moving into a possibly dangerous sector. Sure, you could use a cloaking device to investigate a sector but it really eats up the turns when you go get a cloak ship, move back in position, cloak out, move in, scan sector and find that you just wasted your cloak scanning a bang planet and the ship was just a greenie. Imagine if you could peak without moving in.

    Enter the Holo-probe (working title, lol)......

    You fire a probe into an adjacent sector and a window pops up showing the details. Not all details but a graphic view of the sector or at least a list of what is in the sector. NPCs, captains, ships, bases and stations. No details provided about the amount of fighters or shields or planet levels.....just enough for a captain to decide whether to move in, run, call for backup or get a different ship.

    This item should be costly such that a player could not always rely on it and should not provide so much detail as to render the density scanner, planetary scanner and/or cloaking device useless.

    Now that I've put this idea out there again, I'd also like to recommend that no new devices be introduced until the current devices with issue are iron out such as the photon and Interdictor.

    Feel free to add any ideas you have about this.....I'd love to hear them.

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    I would love to see this too. If the range was one secotr, it would not be the uber powerful tool ike the etherprobe used to be. Both are items original to the game. Combining their functions into a similarly named unit would be cool if possible.

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