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Thread: Scoring and Steal changes

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    Well it seems that the galactic leaders have created new laws making it more difficult to steal from those poor honest port owners. They must have also installed the new cameras all around the ports and the new anti-hack computers. This should be a challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmclellan View Post
    To help the REDS understand the new bust opportunity, what is the new formula for getting credits and/or chances?

    I just BUSTed on the 1st try for 6 straight ports with 21,000+ experience and about -41 alignment.

    Good point JM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ntmid8r View Post
    So we hear that reds have it a little better and we totally screw them. NOT COOL! I work hard for my monstrous piles of cash.

    Since this change is thrust upon us all of the sudden, could we get some more specifics on exactly how much you have cut the amounts that ports store? Or do I need to call rebelscum to come figure all of that out?

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Is this still how it is in game? I don't mind playing blue alignment, but red used to be fun.

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