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Thread: Experience bug

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    Experience bug

    I am playing in Mauraders Conquest. There is a bug I noticed today...not sure how long it has been going on

    When trading in a Colt you used to get 3 experience points (for 750 product purchased or sold). Now you ONLY GET 1.5 experience per full trade which is a pretty significant problem ESPECIALLY in a Pirate game.

    Would some one look at this issue and fix it??? Thanks

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    Yea, I stumbled upon some old code dealing with XP awarded when buying fighters. Lehmund mentioned a very long time ago that you go more XP when buying fighters from class-0 stations other than StarDock and Terra. When I worked my way through the legacy logic, it turns out that you get *a lot* more experience from Antares and Vega and a little more from Alpha Centauri and Rylos which seemed odd because I've never come upon any non-random difference between Antares/Vega and Alpha Centauri/Rylos.
    After playing with it for a while, I decided that the original intention was probably that Alpha Centauri and Rylos would live in fedspace and use the blue class-0 station icon and Antares and Vega would live outside of fedspace, use the red class-0 station icon, and give more XP because one must leave the safety of fedspace.

    In trying to hammer out the definition of a "class-0 station", I also had to define "fedspace". That is, most of us are clear on what it means to be "in fedspace" (i.e. other player's can't attack you and if you steal too much "Federation Starship" NPCs will try to blow you up), but it wasn't clear why any given sector would be included in "fedspace". In walking through the legacy code, I think the intention was that cluster 1, where Terra lives, would be considered fedspace, then any other cluster would be randomly selected as the home of StarDock and that cluster would be considered fedspace, then all the clusters that must be traversed if one were to travel from Terra to StarDock would be considered fedspace. I say "I think" because there was a crapload of code that went in to creating new games that dealt with this subject and I never found a use for 95% of it. Once that 95% of useless code was dispatched, I made it work like I though it was supposed to (i.e. Terra in 1-1, StarDock randomly outside of cluster 1, and all clusters between as fedspace), but that never felt right. In a big universe a "random" StarDock cluster might mark half of all clusters as fedspace. At the same time, I never liked forcing players out of fedspace to travel between; if nothing else, fedpsace is supposed to be a nucleus of safety within which risks, as well as rewards, are less. So, I augmented the definition of "fedspace" to be cluster 1, where Terra lives, plus one randomly chosen cluster adjacent to cluster 1 which then becomes the home of StarDock. This also made other definitions more obvious. Specifically, class-0 stations other than StarDock and Terra became non-fed stations guaranteed to be outside of fedspace and all of them offered the higher XP ratio since all are guaranteed to be less safe.
    That being done, it only made sense that, in a game called Merchants of War, all trade should be an incentive for expansion out of the few places where the game rules dictate that nothing very interesting happens.

    To say it more simply, if you're only getting half as much experience, it's because you're trading next to StarDock like some n00b. Grow a pair.

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