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Thread: New Feature Here to Stay?

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    New Feature Here to Stay?

    In the last 11 or 12 days in the Maurading Conquest game there has been a very nice feature added! Unfortunately it appears it is gone now, for the past couple of days.

    The new feature was every zero port allowed you to buy all Item and Upgrades. So everything from shields to nukes could be bought without having to return to the StarDock every time. of course you could only buy ships at the StarDock. This made for an easier game to play saving time and turns.

    My question is simple. If this new zero port feature will be be staying for the future, then why is it gone now?

    I can live with either way. Live with the past or live with another REALLY GOOD new feature. All I ask is that you let us know what the zero port philosophy going forward will be.

    I would rather see the new zero port feature then go back to the past.....

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    The "feature" you speak of was actually a bug. That is, it was not intended and was not repealed but rather remedied.
    That being said, there's no functional reason that all the stuff available at StarDock can't be available everywhere else. When I inherited the code base, the logic said "if this class-0 port is stardock, it has a bank, a bounty office, and ships, cargo holds, shields, fighters, and items for sale. otherwise, it has cargo holds and shields for sale." I assumed the behavior was somehow derived from twr2002, but there's not reason all that stuff can't available at every class-0 port. I just need to "everyone" to agree that it should change.

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    I’m all for more stuff being available at class 0 ports but not ships, the bank, or the bounty office. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

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    I am ok with some basic things being sold at any class 0, but I want SD to remain special(with bank, bounty, ships). I also think that there should be some new ports. I had intended on sending an email with such ideas but, since it is somewhat on topic... I would like to see class 1, 2, and 3 ports, or A, B, and C, or whatever. Some could offer a small selection of new ships along with basics such as fighters and shields. Some could offer a couple new items, etc.

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    I do not think that everything offered at SD should offered at all ports. I think that genesis torpedoes, outposts, and some other basic essentials should be offered at all class 0's but maybe not interdicter orbs, transwarp engines, or psychic probes for example.

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    Who do we think this would give the biggest advantage to?

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    . . . . . . ??

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    Zero Ports with new sale items

    Quote Originally Posted by ntmid8r View Post
    Who do we think this would give the biggest advantage to?
    I think it will help all players, but probably the Red players the most...

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    Me lol cause I'm ready to smuggle o.o

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