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Thread: Prototype Model of Greenstar Colonizer

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    Lightbulb Prototype Ship Greenstar Colonizer

    Introducing the prospective prototype ship: Greenstar Colonizer

    Here is a link to an image of the prototype model of the prospective new ship.

    If that link doesn't work let me know please. Comments welcome.
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    Below are the stats for the prototype ship.

    A ship designed for colony/base creation
    (Balance with existing ships kept in mind.)

    Ship Model Name = Greenstar Colonizer

    Movement Cost = 5
    Attack Ratio = 1.1
    Defence Ratio = 1.3
    Shields = 4,000
    Fighters = 8,000
    Cargo = 400
    Initiative = Not the greatest, you chose.

    Density Scanner = yes
    Planet Scanner = Yes

    Gen Torpedos = 8
    Outposts = 20
    Mine Disruptor = 10
    Photon Torpedo = 2
    Cloak = 1

    Description = The Greenstar Colonizer was designed for colonization, relocation, and evacuation missions, fullfilling a vital role in its owner's fleet. This newly designed starship provides all that is needed to start anew anywhere in the universe while also providing the defensive features necessary to protect your fledgling colony from space bandits and the like. Notable features include dual photon torpedos, max shield strength, ample cargo space, and one bugout cloak. The Greenstar is the first in a new line of starships from the Federation's own Somerset Industries.

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    This ship's price will likely be 375,000 credits.
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    I like the concept that you have enough defense to not get sent to the Stardock by a small Assault Trader! I think the changes I would like to see/considered is:
    more cargo capacity say 450 or 500
    really do not need 20 outposts, maybe 5 or 6
    do not need the 2 Photon Torpedoes (does anyone actually use them?)
    Maybe 2 cloaks instead of 1

    This sounds like a great concept ship and very useful
    and add a mind probe for 1+ percent trading

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    Very nice looking ship!

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    Thanks man! Also, thanks for the feedback. I agree with you about the outposts and was already considering lessening the quantity. I would like to add more cargo space but I don't want to make any other ships obsolete, which is the same reason I can't add the psychic probe. If I add more cargo, it will affect the Colo Transport's usefulness. If I add a Psychic Probe it will make the cargo tran (i believe) obsolete. As it is now, the Greenstar will be a realistic alternative to the Colo T. I could just offset the advantages by making the ship more expensive, but I want this ship to be available early on in a game. Photons aren't used as much these days but they will aid the Greenstar in defensive/evasive maneuvers.
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