Another day dawns in the bussing villages of San Diego, I find myself drawing the drapes after an all-nighter; more hours pass by during the day on a Voynich quest to find meaning missing another sunset. My life has been sort of like this for about 5 months now. For some reason I feel like I hit a home run this time with the VMS glyphs and a gematria cipher for a translation of its inner realm. To my astonishment I now think a Druid wrote the VMS. LoL

Within the new cipher I tried to stick as closely to the letters from the abbreviations link below, it is a great reference a builder for a cipher. I believe the VMS, it's English with some Latin and french words as-well as Greek. Just looking as the VMS with its rather immense spacing compared to other Latin texts it just screams English and occasional other languages towards Gematria.

The Zodiac is mint including July for Cancer. Tauris and star names found, Carrot, and N. Pole. Yes and a concise poetic paragraph from a Druid I think. How many times have I gone down these roads with the Mt. Everest of Ciphers as Nick Pelling would say. There was,