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Thread: My New Book: The Grand Algorithm, A Mersenne Determinate

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    My New Book: The Grand Algorithm, A Mersenne Determinate

    Hi I just completed my book and I'm allowing the public to read it while its online.

    Dear readers,
    This algorithm which I apply call The Grand Algorithm has been a life long pursuit of mine since I became involved with computers in the mid 1990’s. There is a site which finds large Mersenne Primes named Gimps online. Yet the process of finding Mersenne primes through long trial factorization is a nightmare. Inside this book there is included two modules of python code. The first script is the Mersenne Determinate code and the second module is the Perfect Numbers code. Please download the Python shell; its free if you plan on using the code. If you check the code and type it correctly the numbers will role off at break neck speed.
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