Sequel III for

Rescue operation regarding Daniel on the Ice Planet

HG asked D, so when are we leaving this old hunter cabin to rescue Daniel from the Ice Planet? D replied, I have a crew and we are going now to take off for Natas Nomed Ice. HG asked, D do we have any reconnaissance regarding the prison and its location of this ice planet. D said, yes and it is formidable. It’s in an old relatively small galaxy, yet the blaster on the ice planet is increasing in energy so we need to catch it while it in its low state. Also it’s several stories underground. It has one access point with a secret escape latter. The top on the surface looks like a shrine of sorts HG and the midpoint is below ground as a dome; finally below there is a three story type of box where Daniel is.

Anyway HG, we have to get going; my ship is about three kilometers away from here, under cover with my crew. And we are going to possibly have company when we jettison out of here so let’s leave my cabin ASAP HG. So HG and D jogged in zigzag pattern back to the D’s capital ship. HG and D were very quiet when they approached the ship; D went through several security access points prior to opening the door to the ISS.

When they boarded, the crew was quiet serious yet happy to see us. They all said to D, so you found Daniel’s friend the hacker. HG was stunned about how they knew about his skillsets. HG then heard an alarm of a high pitch nature. Now the whole crew looked up at the scanners and monitors and went into action.
Furthermore, D and the crew suddenly became alarmed. The outside sensors went off which detected intelligent life forms near the ship. D quickly checked the viewer and there were thirty members of D-league with their swastika emblems. The crew went into immediate action and shot lasers and cannons at the member of D-league, killing about twenty eight of them and two got away. D said well it looks like we’re going to take off early HG, get ready to strap yourself to your seat HG; this is going to be a hard take off. The crew scrambled to their positions and D launched the ship. It was a high G maneuver, near vertical as we shot up and then I heard the same stratosphere sound, yet it was a bit more buffeting. D was closely watching the advanced radar monitor for any following ships. D smiled, and said a clean get away, now I can kick in the stealth, because we are in space HG and we should be hitting warp factor at about one hundred and sixty meter per second squared, in about ten minutes after the stealth is enabled. HG said, come on D I have been on many flights in space but warp factor one hundred and sixty, this is an advanced super speedy ship! D said yep!

Then HG asked approximately how far away is Daniel from this planet and how long will it take to get there D? D replied well if all goes well and we don’t encounter pirates, D-league ships, space debris, comets, flares, supernovas and asteroid belts. My estimation is three months, eighteen days and it’s about point twenty five light years away HG. Wow this ship has some acceleration and I noticed it’s about a kilometer long. What you’re saying D is we will be traveling back in time from this planet but the time there will just as it should be. Yes and she is one and a third kilometers long to be exact HG. Ok enough Hg I have to push this baby into light year acceleration ok. D punched the ship, when I watched the viewer all I saw was white straight lines and a sense of time dilation, it was a brilliant sight to see.

Additionally, when we were at full warp, D introduced me to the crew. D said this is Cat she is a navigator. Cat said, hi fly boy and I hope you know your stuff about computers in a serious tone. Cat was a tall pretty brunette with a stylish navy blue uniform with the Nova Star emblem on her right lapel. A blond haired guy, about one point nine meters tall interrupted and said you look a little young to be taking on this OP kid; you better follow orders! His name was rocketthree. Rocketthree specialized in weapons and his demur was cold and steady. I asked Rocketthree about if he was in the military or a mercenary. He replied in a stern tone both, yet being a merc is more profitable as he starred at me with a grimace. Rockettree asked, so how much is your cut kid, we know all about the cipher you have to deliver? HG replied ten megabytes electronic credits. Well Rocket explained we all are getting a cut of that contract HG or I will personally shoot you out the vacuum port into deep space and never asked me about my military experience again, got it kid! As I looked at him with a stone cold glare I replied, I understand with and equally serious tone.

Truly, D said enough you guys we have plenty on our plate so knock it off! HG, D said, Go down to engineering and meet our other three specialists. HG replied you mean to tell me we have only seven on board. D replied yes, and do you recall, this is one of the most advanced ships in the universe with major automation.
When I made to engineering this woman met me and said you must be HG, we have been waiting for you. We have an access code you need to hack so we can gain access to the main structure of the underground fortress at Natas Nomed Ice Planet. What’s your name HG asked, she replied you don’t want to know, I’m Rockets woman got it. She then said just call me Five!

Hence, She showed me a picture of what the access console looked like and I said hmm, this could be tricky let me get out my I four three gate disabler. Five looked at it and set great come test it over here we have an access console just like it and you better do this in under five minutes time. HG said, what that’s very bold timing. Five said its life and death kid get it right.

Immediately, five took me over to the terminal and I plucked in my hardware and pressed power then ran a scan. It returned ten number’s with letters about seven digits and a character long. I looked back at five and her eyes lit up. She said, not bad but which one is it. I said well can you give me a hint. Five said ok it the most advanced ATM back bone in these known parts. I said it looks Hexadecimal. Five smiled, time to pick kid! Well I know ATM backbone codes so, I pick this code HG whispered it to Five! You are truly amazing HG now we can quickly get in and reach Daniel in the bunker. Five spoke with D on the com link and said this kid knows his stuff and he did it in under a minute cracking the ATM access code with his hardware!

Additionally, D told Five to show HG a broken computer’s hardware which was damaged and I want him to fix it in two days flat. When ghost looked at the computer initially it did not appear damaged. Next HG opened the computer with some very high tech tools and examined the hardware. It appeared solid so he booted it up, but all that happened was a blue flash and then a Pirates Flag just sat there starring HG back into his eyes. HG figured it was a virus on the computer; however when he scanned it and rebooted the same flag retuned and stayed there. HG’s last guess hit it, he thought since this was a test that the boot rom hardware was deliberately programed, just to boot that flag to the screen even if the hardrive was purring. So HG replaced it with a similar computer rom chip. Then the computer booted to a password screen. HG just for fun ran a password test and was in the computer when Five approached. Five said sternly HG we just wanted you to fix it and not break into Rockets classified files. HG said oops, I’ll have to apologize to him. Five said that would be a mistake, just forget about. You are done here HG Great work, said Five. Now go into the hibernation state for the next couple a month’s until we reach Natas Nomed Ice.
When HG awoke he looked around and he found himself in a chamber. HG was very stiff and when he went to unlatch the chamber a message came up from Mr. A. D basically repeated that HG was the Security Guard of the Ship and not to leave and that there were weapons on the counter to the right of the sleeping then the chamber pod opened. HG equipped himself with a rail gun and a side arm laser when with a several grenades, smokes grenades and ammo. There was uniform from Cat and a note from here said, welcome to Nova Star Security! The uniform had one stripe and it was navy blue with the Nova Star emblem on the right lapel.

After HG put on the uniform and geared up he open the exit in the vacuum chamber after he checked if the planet had a proper atmosphere. He gazed out and it was a vast panorama of ice with a star stetting over Natas Nomed Ice. HG then closed the exit remembering what D said, because they had left him on board alone.