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Thread: Mankind Dilemma Power is a corrupting force intrinsically associated with greed

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    Mankind Dilemma Power is a corrupting force intrinsically associated with greed


    Mankind’s Dilemma: Power is a corrupting force intrinsically associated with greed
    By Tom E. O’Neil
    April 22, 2019

    1) Fire, oil and technology
    2) Politics and the war machine
    3) Bourgeois and Proletariat: Recycled Revolutions
    4) Joy or Depression which is on the rise?
    5) Was God right, Mankind and Sin?
    6) Future Martial law State
    7) Solution, what to do about it?


    If a caveman hit the side walk today, he would run wild until he reached a cliff, only to throw himself upon the rocks from his own power. Reverse this, if a modern warfare soldier with all his weapons teleported back to the past, thus finding himself in the midst of Cro-Magnons; he would become God to them and that power would rush to his head. Society and culture including any race has problems with the power paradigm. Somehow we are ill equipped, untrained, unrefined maybe not brought up right to deal with our relationship to this intangible word called, “Power”! Power is behind all our social evils or would you say that humans just cannot live without that aspect in their character. My question is will mankind decline and fall from great heights by hanging on to his ever increasing need for power? Or will we win the day by coming to terms with our relationships involved with our everyday power moves?

    Fire, oil and technology

    Even before we picked up a stick lit by fire from lightening, men and woman must have had grievances towards one another. Or as the other story goes Cain slew Abel. The stronger man had sex with more women, usually ruled the clan, and had a greater portion of the hunt. The ladies with the most sex appeal, cunning communication and greater gathering skills ended up with the stronger man! Fire and tools added greater power to the leader of the tribe and manipulation began for dominance over one another. Then resentment sets in as workloads appear unfair in the hierarchy. It’s a vicious power cycle involved with all endeavors of men which lead to corruption and greed ending with violence and endless revolutions.

    Forward, to the present day and nothing has changed regarding greed, except that it has gone global at alarming heights. Oil dependence the grand tragedy of the modern age, untold lives lost to wars and behind all the deaths this liquid black gooey idol. Mankind’s hurry to go nowhere with its new inventions derived from oil leaves everyone empty and wanting more. Furthermore one word comes to mind, “Power” and what just is its relationship with mankind? I believe it’s our mass illness wrapped up in the minds of men and women a sort of dark addiction left unchecked, that leads to all our problems. It maybe the adrenaline rush associated with power over another and some fundamental desire to climb over our neighbor at any cost. This narcissistic tendency in some humans who think they are better or deserving to take their right of whatever goal over another, because of a flawed ego.

    Consequently, from fire to quantum computers the aim by a person, group or country is dominance to achieve some need associated with the power paradigm; either borne out of innocence which leads to greed or with the full knowledge of that end. Mankind’s dilemma with power must be addressed on how we treat one another if we ever rise to the occasion of leaving the planet to a new planet via our technology. Socrates may have said, “An unexamined life is not worth living”. I say, “Mankind’s absolute passion for power will wipe him out before we reach a new planet”.

    Politics and the war machine

    This terrible left-right ideology makes one think all politicians are bobble heads yet they only bobble to the left and the right not up and down, meaning no to everything that would benefit its citizens. To me Politics should be more about appropriate representation of a nation with the aim to respect the people’s goals of that country. Perhaps the politician’s power paradigm illness is more inherent in these types. I know of a country which is a welfare state for corporations through an unfair tax system and these same corporations own the news media; which spout pure garbage for ingestion by a knowledgeable society who all fear the system. It’s a society awash in Power yet most everyone is so unhappy. The fundamental reason is that this country’s government is a terror machine with blood on its hands.

    These power mongers, who run the state now days cannot spell, hold a proper speech, negotiate, articulate their needs with foreign governments and probably could not even pass an application test as a trash collector. I’m not slamming that job and any work is respectable likewise more people than ever do need good paying jobs. It used to be that the conservative far right Elephants was for small government and free trade now they are pigs with plenty of pork and graft. Then there are the far left jackasses with their social crusades now bordering on communism. These powers that be cuddle up to super packs with 30,000 a night gala dinners to engross themselves with the orgies of future blood lust in conquering someone else’s rights or property. A really intelligent historian and journalist Gore Vidal in my opinion was an isolationist in regards to war. I have gone back and forth on that issue, but now I’m a firm isolationist too. My country is defended by two oceans and has many resources if a war came this way that is, a proper government should defend its citizens from that aspect alone.

    Now a crisis exists with a huge amount of weapons on hand in the United States and many people feel disillusioned with the military when it comes to signing on. That’s good but not for Uncle Sam it wants to be the world’s police and the world hates this country even if it has some form of the last bastion of tidbits of freedom and wealth. Simply put Power went to America’s heads with quotes like, “I have become Shiva, the destroyer of worlds”.

    Bourgeois and Proletariat: Recycled Revolutions

    To be rich at any trespass or poor and be a door mat that is the question! The class power struggle is like a bipolar ride eventually always ending in some conflagration of revolution in any society throughout the ages. If you think the poor are angry at the rich well my friends the rich hate and detest the poor or some do anyway. The poor envy the rich and the power they hold over them. Yet the same people with power are sad human beings. However, when the masses of poor are far to oppressed, it’s straight to the guillotine for the Bourgeois. Power vacuums arise and new power players take their place only to repeat the same mistakes.

    Which comes first wealth or power? I would say in most cases wealth when it comes to blue bloods and it’s a means to obtain more power. Furthermore, I said before power left unchecked is an illness and especially with the wealthy.

    Will we ever be on a level playing field were everyone takes part in realizing that too much wealth and all of the power trappings can be solved? This is a deep question which needs to be answered if mankind can move forward!

    Joy or Depression which is on the rise
    Everyone has highs and lows, but it seems in America there is a growing epidemic of depression which maybe associated with opioids, lifestyle and a lack of any power what so ever. I really mean the power to wake up and join society in anything meaningful. It may even go to deeper straight to the core of diet and a social media addiction. The envious jones’s trying to keep up with their outer appearances instead of feeding their minds.
    Joy is mostly found by what passion your involved with everyday not a cubicle from which you were manufactured at birth to rise up through a pathetic education system, left to die 5 days a week to get back in your cubicle again. In my opinion that’s not a life and it is a swift rode to depression.
    There’s good working going and not all is lost. CBD’s or cannabinoids offer promise to help with pain, inflammation and depression. So if you’re addicted to Opioids get on CBD’s.

    Was God right, Mankind and Sin?
    It’s my faith which has a lot to do with my stability and place in life. In my humble opinion the only true place power can be rightly wielded is at the feet of God. And what I have seen in the last 53 years on earth is that sin absolutely exists. Even children play power games on one another and it truly is an illness, this power paradigm.

    Future Martial law State

    A security state presence like the movies “Minority Report” and “1984” is vast and far wide now a day in many leading countries. It’s all based on fear and manipulation. The politicians have stripped most all our rights. There’s even fear of FEMA concentration camps for all the people who the state deems as dissidents. Sure this is way too far as in the power paradigm illness.

    Its sheer madness the government of the United States wants to RFID chip every citizen. The state apparatus wants to deploy 5g satellites and 5g poles on the ground. It’s just another market scam without testing if it’s safe. 5g technology is millimeter bandwidth technology’s which has distance inabilities on the ground. Well it’s not funny, because we have wifi and cell phones that’s not good for your health already. The NSA listens to you through your cell phone, listens to you through your wifi HD TV and watches and listens to you through your computer laptop.

    Trust me the police state is coming when the U.S. government suffers its next massive implosion of the stock market. Anarchy will set in after the banks shut down and institutions fail, there will be blood in the streets by the power mongers of the state.

    Solution, what to do about it?
    So what is to do about power in the mind’s eye? Will we ever learn from our past mistakes? All I can think is to have compassion and kindness for your neighbor. When you see a poor person who is in need lend a hand. Sure it’s all about faith yet that does not negate good deeds? If you can do something be a rugged individualist, don’t enforce your will on someone else to do your deeds!
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