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Thread: Voynich Manuscript Ros 2 spiral text from Castle decrypted

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    Voynich Manuscript Ros 2 spiral text from Castle decrypted

    Ros 2 spiral of vords next to Castle decrypted

    I have attempted to decode this with so many other systems and now finally a quality translation of Ros2 Castle. My process for decoding is to take the sum of the glyphs represented as dot and dashes from my cipher, then use an anagram engine in Italian to create a narrative. Although some words were in English. My premise is that Voynich constructed the document from old calfskin and skew history with Tepenze, Marci letter and Kircher as-well as Roger Bacon. It was all about the money and perhaps fame to him. He did go as far as to offer Newbold 10% of $100,000 sale of the Voynich if his decryption followed a Roger Bacon theme.

    How is that the words fit my cipher and have meaning from Voynich's hand, which relied upon an Italian dictionary as his translator?

    A possible historical cross reference from the Ros 2 Castle folio spiral text:
    After reconnoitring the English position, a council of war was held where the senior French officials, who were completely confident of victory, advised an attack, but not until the next day.[93] The army was tired from a 12-mile march, and needed to reorganise so as to be able to attack in strength.[94] It was also known that the Count of Savoy with more than 500 men-at-arms was marching to join the French and was nearby.[95] (He intercepted some of the French survivors the day after the battle).[61] Despite this advice, the French attacked later the same afternoon; it is unclear from the contemporary sources whether this was a deliberate choice by Philip, or because too many of the French knights kept pressing forward and the battle commenced against his wishes.[96] Philip's plan was to use the long-range missiles of his crossbowmen to soften up the English infantry and disorder, and possibly dishearten, their formations, so as to allow the accompanying mounted men-at-arms to break into their ranks and rout them.[97][98] Modern historians have generally considered this to have been a practical approach, and one with proven success against other armies.[99]

    MIT believes the Voynich Corpus to be in a Anagram format, list Italian a possible candidate!
    We then present an approach to decoding anagrammed substitution ciphers, in which the letters within words have been arbitrarily transposed. It obtains the average decryption word accuracy of 93% on a set of 50 ciphertexts in 5 languages.

    The properties and the dating of the manuscript imply Latin and Italian as potential candidates.

    I just want to say to all those people out there that think I'm drinking the koolaid regarding a nutty approach for the text to be in anagrams, they should contact MIT. If they are on to Italian they should check in with my cipher as it leans more towards a Polyalphabetic over substitution.
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